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Sunday Summary: My Latest Articles

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Published on: 28 Jul, 2014

Top stories this week from the Splice Today reading list.

GM Should Recall My Car

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Published on: 21 Jul, 2014
GM CEO Mary Barra Testifies To House Hearing On The Company's Ignition Switch Recall

People shouldn’t have to join class action lawsuits to get a car company to fix a problem they created.

The Chesapeake Bay is Fucked

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Published on: 14 Jul, 2014

Here are just a few reasons the Bay is FUBAR.

  • You might be a parent if you've been overheard yelling "STAY OUT OF EACH OTHER'S WORLDS!" from another room.

Get The Book!

8 Things About Maleficent

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Published on: 03 Jun, 2014

The days of princesses being rescued by princes are over.

If You Have Ever Been a Waitress

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Published on: 07 Apr, 2014

Waiting tables is a suck job.

Scared of Fat Shaming

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Published on: 10 Feb, 2014

Getting criticized for what I write: it’s an occupational hazard.

Not Keeping Score in Kids’ Sports

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Published on: 27 Jan, 2014

…is total fucking bullshit.

Terrell Suggs Better Extend His Baltimore Ravens Contract

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Published on: 21 Jan, 2014

They can’t trade him. I spent $100 on his motherfucking sticker.

JFK in the Senate

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Published on: 26 Dec, 2013

A view from neither the grassy knoll nor the Oval Office.

Don’t Let Your Daughters Grow Up to Be Fox News Anchors

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Published on: 16 Dec, 2013

I’m good as long as my daughter never says “Just because it makes you uncomfortable doesn’t mean it has to change.”


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