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Book Podcast: The Cut With Pam Margolis

My friend Pam has a cool book podcast called “The Cut” where she talks about “the intersectionality of kids’  books, diversity and fun,” which is a neat mix. I sponsored this week’s podcast- check it out!  (In other news I think she sounds kinda sexy, which reminds me that my publisher never sold audio rights for


It’s heeeeeeere! So excited about launching THE SCARLET LETTER STORM tonight at BARNES AND NOBLE! Hope to see you there! (Here is a cool new review of the book.) I will also be signing on Tilghman Island on May 20- still working on other dates. Hope to see you! Thanks for your support in ordering the book!

The Scarlet Letter Storm is Done Brewing

DONE! I finished the third novel in the Scarlet Letter series trilogy today (THE SCARLET LETTER STORM) and hit send and it’s at the publisher now. Bye Felicia! I’ll be honest. I cried. For about half an hour. It wasn’t really joy, so it was kind of weird. It was like a nervous-breakdown kind of

2016: Let’s Do This

Hey, there! How are you? How was your 2015? Are you glad it’s over? I kind of am. The year was pretty exhausting. Two book releases/tours, started teaching for American University (still time to take my social media class starting this month!), and then just a bunch of personal/health shit (don’t ever break your tailbone

The Scarlet Letter Scandal Book Launch Day

Book launch day is finally here! Happy birthday, second novel. Do you have your copy of The Scarlet Letter Scandal? Here’s a full list of where to get it. I am really looking forward to signing books at the following events. Hope to see you! Wednesday November 11 at 7 p.m. BOOK LAUNCH, Barnes and