Beachcombing Articles

Here’s a collection of some of the articles I’ve written about beachcombing. As a writer, there’s nothing more peaceful or serene than going out in a kayak and searching for treasure on a deserted beach. The ideas for my writing always evolve from this place of quiet, and as long as there are still beaches, I’ll be on them- it’s not what we find, it’s the thrill of the hunt.

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Beachcombing Tips and Tricks (for Chesapeake Family Life magazine)

Does Fake Sea Glass Matter?

Sharing Your Hunting Beach

Trash and Treasure

Did Someone Say Mermaid Ball?

Beach Meditation

There’s No Rescue From Stupid

Is Seeded Glass Sea Glass?

Dead Horse Bay: Trash or Treasure?

Sea Glass Addiction

Judging Sea Glass Treasure

Beachcombing Family

Stop Buying Fake Sea Glass

London in Fragments: A Mudlark’s Treasure

What Sea Glass Can Teach Us

Sea Glass Breaking Bad

Run Over by a Kayak

Shark Tooth Fossil Hunting

Beware Fake Sea Glass

Extreme Sea Glass Hunting in Davenport California

The Warning Shot

The Magic of Mudlarking

No One Owns the Coastline

Think Like a Marble

Beachcomber’s Nightmare

The Little Piece of Sea Glass That Couldn’t

The Lure of Sea Glass

Dream Job: International Beachcomber

The Fragile Nature of Beachcombing

Sea Glass Seeding Versus Tumbling

The Myth of Fort Bragg’s Sea Glass Beach

The Zen of Sea Glass Hunting 

Two Kinds of Hunters

The Internet is Ruining My Hobby

Microbeads Are Freaking Me Out

Castles in the Sand

Beachcombing: A Sense of Community

Sea Glass Hunting for Dummies

The Story of the Red Plate

Sea Glass Hunting for Dummies

Accidental Sea Glass Suicide 

Sea Glass Jewelry: Julie Anderson Design, The Landlocked Mermaid

Girl vs. Island: Children of the Corn Edition

Girl vs. Island: Jellyfish vs. Vagina

Girl vs. Island: Sea Glass Therapy