Let’s Play Bingo

I’m a Bingo junkie. I blame this on my grandmother. Actually, I thank my grandmother for it. When I was a kid, there was a certain allure to watching her get ready to go play Bingo at the church. she’d get all swanked up in her best 70s polyester prints, Aqua-Net-up her massive blond beehive, paint her toes for those sassy gold lame sandals, spray on some God-awful drug store perfume to cover up the smell of all the smoke, and she was ready to go, toting her hand-latch hooked “BINGO” bag. When I was old enough (or not quite), she took me with her and I was in love. What I could see of the events through the solid clouds of smoke pouring through bright-red-stained smiling lips of the women, was pure fun. They were having a blast. And they were funny. When the caller (a man who relished all the attention of the older ladies) announced “B-4″ they all hooted “AND AFTER!” and laughed their hacking laughs.

Years later I went to Bingo Night at the Fire Hall (followed by karaoke night at a local bar) with friends and to this day, I go to Bingo World in Baltimore with my sister in law. There’s nothing like winning at Bingo. Total adrenaline rush.

So I got a chance to do a giveaway of this online Bingo game, and I think we should all try it together. If you’re a Bingo girl (or guy?!), I mean. is a legit site- not shady like some online sites. It is part of the historic Churchill Downs family and the only legal website in the US that offers bingo players a chance to win real cash prizes.

I tried it, and it’s super fun. If you’ve played at a bingo hall, it’s like playing with the electronic computers that “daub” all the spaces for you, or if you prefer the old-school way, you can daub yourself and this is super fun as well. Either way, it feels like Bingo. For my first time out I had a $15 cash outlay. I won lots of “clovers” which basically are tokens that allow you to enter the $100 drawing (I won 24 chances) but no cash. I was so close a few times! It was so much fun that I’d have to say yes, I will definitely try it again. And hey- you can try it with a $15 credit! has offered $15 for each of my readers to play online Bingo. So if you create a free account, and then deposit and play $10, I have a code that’s worth another $15. And you’re also entered to win the $100 weekly giveaway. Here’s the code to enter when you REGISTER: ioo78

Who wants to play?!