Most Deranged Sorority Email

Warning: Video is so, so deliciously NSFW

You’ve probably already heard about this hysterically vulgar email sent by University of Maryland (right here in my own state- we are so proud!) sorority board member to her “sisters.” And this? Is why I didn’t rush a sorority in college. If you haven’t read it, go check out the full letter at Gawker. It was sent to me by an alert reader, then a whole bunch more alert readers who are apparently familiar with my affection for vulgarity. This though? Gotta say? Off the motherfucking charts, yo. I had not heard the phrase “cunt punt” before this little sisterly missive. Damn, this bitch is crazy. I’d love her if she wasn’t so fucking dangerous to the past 40 years of the feminist movement and also completely fucktastically stupid.

Anyway, since the email was leaked, videos have surfaced. The one embedded here is the most popular and is the best produced and whatnot, but to be honest? I like the ones read by women. So far, though I bet there are more coming, I like the version read by Barbie¬†and my fave is the Nerdist’s Alison Haislip version here¬†(because I think it sounds most like what the girl sounded like in her delightfully deranged ponytailed head.) Go Terps!