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Published on 21 Oct, 2009

Ok, so I feel like I need to be more like inspirationalish.

Other blogs are all positive and butterfly-glittery and stuff (I call them the ‘glitter shitters’ but not to their face…), and I’m over here whining like a little bitch. Sigh.

So I am taking a break from my lifelong case of the Whine Flu to offer a moment of inspiration.*

This image above (my favorite inspirational quote)┬áis a piece of art by Mary Engelbreit– she’s one of my very fave artists evah. I have this poster in my kitchen. I buy her calendar (wall and daily) every year because I love her fantastic drawings, which are often drawn (like this one) around cool quotes. I love quotes. Don’t you?

Your challenge: in the comments, leave me your favorite inspirational quote. Then come back later and we’ll collect ourselves a nice bunch of happity-hoppity love and friendship and kumbaya.**

I really do love reading other people’s inspiring blogs. So hats off if you write something lovely and meaningful and don’t write about chin hair and saggy boobs. You rock!

Go. Be inspired. Smooch!

*stop laughing! I’m trying to be inspiring! GEEZ!

**That’s it. I’m going back to being a beeyotch, fast, before all this Hallmarkery makes me hurl.

  • Donald Trump's presidential campaign is like a continuing series of SNL skits. Is The Lonely Island behind it? Very entertaining <pops corn>