Happy Birthday, Bobby

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Published on: 08 Sep, 2014

I liked the true story baseball movies.

I’m a Shitty Blogger

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Published on: 06 Sep, 2014

I’ve been sucking as a blogger.

The Circle is Real

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Published on: 02 Sep, 2014

Reading the novel made me want to delete every social media account I have.

Back to School Tears of Joy

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Published on: 25 Aug, 2014

Don’t let the school bus door hit you on the ass.

Scarlet Letter Saturdays: First Book Party, New Review

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Published on: 23 Aug, 2014

Which Hollywood actresses should play the novel’s three main characters?

Funniest Ice Bucket Challenge Memes

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Published on: 22 Aug, 2014

What if the ice bucket challenge was created by companies that sell bagged ice?

My Cryaking Journey

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Published on: 18 Aug, 2014

Bring it, stormy weather.

Parents Are Mortal

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Published on: 11 Aug, 2014
rsz_img_2414 (1)

But Frank Sinatra tunes are forever.

Scarlet Letter Saturdays: News and Reviews

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Published on: 09 Aug, 2014

“Fantastically written, beautifully plotted with warm, feisty and inspiring characters, this is definitely one to recommend to a friend.”

The Airplane Test

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Published on: 04 Aug, 2014

What kind of parent you are can be measured in 80s film quotes your kids know.


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