My Sister Did Not “Pass Away”

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Published on: 10 Nov, 2014

There is no shame in saying she died from suicide.

How Do Moms of Baseball Pitchers Breathe?

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Published on: 27 Oct, 2014

Pitching is scary.

Giveaway: 5 Free Copies of The Scarlet Letter Society Kindle Edition!

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Published on: 25 Oct, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 10.20.12 AM

Win a free copy for yourself or send a gift copy to a friend!

10 Funniest Onion Headlines of the Week

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Published on: 24 Oct, 2014

States Quietly Raising Speed Limits Near Failing Schools

The Scarlet Letter Society PRINT DATE Announced!

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Published on: 18 Oct, 2014
SLS book cover

My book is going to be a book.

Dicks in a Chick Flick

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Published on: 13 Oct, 2014

“The penis is in there! It’s IMAX penis! You’ve gotta pay 15 bucks to see it in 3D… it’s better in 3D.” -Ben Affleck

Bloody Mary

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Published on: 06 Oct, 2014

Everyone has an embarrassing period story. Here’s mine.

Mom at a Concert

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Published on: 29 Sep, 2014

Iggy Azalea was fun even if I felt like a dinosaur.

Funniest iPhone 6 Pinterest Pins, E-cards and Memes

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Published on: 26 Sep, 2014

Sorry your new iPhone is more flexible than your wireless plan.

As Parents, We Are The Giving Tree

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Published on: 22 Sep, 2014

Is there ever an end to the taking?


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