Ugly Christmas Sweater Fun

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Published on: 10 Dec, 2009

Aside from watching Heat and Snow Miser in Year Without a Santa Claus, quoting National Lampoon Christmas Vacation and asking if we can go to a Chinese restaurant for duck ala Christmas Story, perhaps my favorite newer holiday tradition is that of the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. I wrote an article about the festive phenom last year [...]

The Gift of a Prewritten Holiday Newsletter

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Published on: 09 Dec, 2009

I thought I’d give readers the gift of a sample family holiday newsletter to cut and paste.

I Want to Fuck New York

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Published on: 07 Dec, 2009

I just want to wrap New York City and all of its culture and gorgeous people and shopping and gay guy cologne smells and spectacular food and booze into a huge, glittery, pulsating vibrator and fuck the living hell out of it all night long.

White Elephant Anxiety

Category: Holidays
Published on: 03 Dec, 2009

MY GOD, you didn’t see the three wise men bringing the newborn baby Jesus an EMPTY DIAPER WIPE BOX for his birthday, did you, ladies!?!??!!!!!!!

Great Interview Experiment

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Published on: 02 Dec, 2009

Over at @Neilochka’s rockin blog there’s this cool thing called the Great Interview Experiment where bloggers leave comments and you have to interview the blogger in the comments list before you. Sounded fun, so I signed up. I was interviewed by the very cool @lightspring *over at her place. Now, it’s my turn and I interviewed the [...]

Doing Disney

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Published on: 01 Dec, 2009

I’m baaacck! I know, it sounds weird, after I just put up 30 blog posts in 30 days… but I mean, I’m back, like in person, not with lots of preposted thingys while I was off spinning on teacups and whatnot. Publishing posts into the future? Rocks. And Disney was a blast, yo! We stayed [...]

Put Some OOPH Into It

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Published on: 25 Nov, 2009

Ok if I make it through the entire month with only two guest posts I did ok, right? Because, honestly? If I had thought of guest posting earlier in the month I would have invited all my blogger peeps and not written a word for the whole month! But as it is, I’m an effing [...]

I’m Not Hip- But She Is

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Published on: 24 Nov, 2009

This is my first ever guest post at Pajamas and Coffee. Hollah! I am currently at Disneyworld with my hubby and 4 kids searching desperately for a “Villain Flask” in which to put my Mother’s Cure. So, while I go get in line for the Haunted Mansion again, I’ve asked a bloggy pal to fill [...]

Disney Magic

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Published on: 23 Nov, 2009

Today I am on a plane to Disneyworld with my family. This is a picture of our trip to Disney three years ago. With four kids, I see it like this: each kid gets one trip to Disney. My oldest Sarah got to go at age 3, we went back when Molly was 4, and [...]

A Day in the Life? Of A Motherfucking Housewife

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Published on: 19 Nov, 2009

Don’t tell me about how cute the kids are when they sigh in their sleep, or how fast they grow and soon they’ll be gone and ‘you just wait’* and all that shit.


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