Spank You Very Much

Category: Opinion, Parenting
Published on: 07 Jan, 2010

The secret to parenting is simply to be the kind of parent you never want your kid to be someday.

In Defense of the F Bomb

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Published on: 05 Jan, 2010

Chances are I’m not reading your happy crappy Jesus-loving blog either, so we’re even.

Redneck Nation

Category: Random
Published on: 04 Jan, 2010

Instead of visions of sugar plums dancing in my head that night, I had visions of kids screaming, camouflage, loud country music, empty beer cans and random cars parked everywhere.

Merry Fucking Christmas

Category: Holidays
Published on: 23 Dec, 2009

Your comments are like little wrapped Christmas gifts for me!

Parental Challenges

Category: Parenting Tags: ,
Published on: 15 Dec, 2009

Some days, I know just how she feels. Look, no one said parenthood would be easy. I know that. And yeah, I know, whining about it will definitely make people say if you didn’t want kids, you shouldn’t have had FOUR! But today I am the mood to rant about my two current parenting challenges. I [...]

Ugly Christmas Sweater Fun

Category: Holidays Tags:
Published on: 10 Dec, 2009

Aside from watching Heat and Snow Miser in Year Without a Santa Claus, quoting National Lampoon Christmas Vacation and asking if we can go to a Chinese restaurant for duck ala Christmas Story, perhaps my favorite newer holiday tradition is that of the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. I wrote an article about the festive phenom last year [...]

The Gift of a Prewritten Holiday Newsletter

Category: Holidays
Published on: 09 Dec, 2009

I thought I’d give readers the gift of a sample family holiday newsletter to cut and paste.

I Want to Fuck New York

Category: Random Tags: , , ,
Published on: 07 Dec, 2009

I just want to wrap New York City and all of its culture and gorgeous people and shopping and gay guy cologne smells and spectacular food and booze into a huge, glittery, pulsating vibrator and fuck the living hell out of it all night long.

White Elephant Anxiety

Category: Holidays
Published on: 03 Dec, 2009

MY GOD, you didn’t see the three wise men bringing the newborn baby Jesus an EMPTY DIAPER WIPE BOX for his birthday, did you, ladies!?!??!!!!!!!

Great Interview Experiment

Category: Random Tags: ,
Published on: 02 Dec, 2009

Over at @Neilochka’s rockin blog there’s this cool thing called the Great Interview Experiment where bloggers leave comments and you have to interview the blogger in the comments list before you. Sounded fun, so I signed up. I was interviewed by the very cool @lightspring *over at her place. Now, it’s my turn and I interviewed the [...]


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