The Modern Oysterman

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Published on: 23 Jan, 2014

“I remember watching the oysters filter the water.”

Terrell Suggs Better Extend His Baltimore Ravens Contract

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Published on: 21 Jan, 2014

They can’t trade him. I spent $100 on his motherfucking sticker.

Out With the Old

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Published on: 16 Jan, 2014
rsz_screen_shot_2014-01-15_at_34417_pm (1)

Yeah, it looks good in the snow because you can’t see the peeling paint.

Robot Handjobs Are a Thing

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Published on: 14 Jan, 2014

The future is here, and it is mechanical sex.

Funniest Pinterest Pins of the Week (77)

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Published on: 10 Jan, 2014

There’s no age limit on a Happy Meal.

The Parenting Tunnel

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Published on: 06 Jan, 2014
Light on the end of railway tunnel.

Sometimes you need to hear there’s a light at the end.

Judging Inappropriate Elves

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Published on: 05 Jan, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 9.02.49 AM

Time to discover which elf was up to no good while the others were making snowmen out of marshmallows.

5 Reasons Not to Make New Year’s Resolutions

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Published on: 30 Dec, 2013

Remain unresolved and lower your chances for self-hatred.

Funniest New Years E-cards

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Published on: 27 Dec, 2013

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I didn’t become a better person.

JFK in the Senate

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Published on: 26 Dec, 2013

A view from neither the grassy knoll nor the Oval Office.


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