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I'm Mary McCarthy- better known as marymac. I've been a professional writer for nearly 20 years, including work in the Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Baltimore Sun, Victorian Homes magazine, many regional magazines in Maryland (two as Editor: What's Up Eastern Shore and Chesapeake Family) and several newspaper humor columns ('Quite Contrary' for Frederick Gazette and Centreville Record Observer). I started this blog in 2008 because I wanted a place of my own to use unlimited profanity while wearing pajamas and drinking coffee.

I'm currently an editor at Splice Today and I write a weekly column for Want2Dish. I'm also a contributing Katie's Crew blogger at I have appeared on The Today Show and ABC TV News' Moms Get Real with JuJu Chang. I've appeared as a speaker at national conferences including BlogHer ('10, '12), BloggyCon ('11, '12), and the regional Bay to Ocean Writers Conference ('10, '11, '12, '13).

Also: I'm a mother of four kids ranging in age from 18-7. I live on Maryland's Eastern Shore. I served on my local town council from 2004-2007, including a year as Centreville Town Council President, which is the equivalent of "Mayor" but we don't call it that because we are a weird little town. I enjoy Single Barrel Jack Daniels, Slim Jims, Ms. Pac Man and the reflection of the moonlight on the Chesapeake Bay.

I am the author of The Scarlet Letter Society, my first novel. I recently signed with my literary agent, the fab Myrsini Stephanides of the Carol Mann Agency in New York City.

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28 Funniest St. Patrick’s Day E-cards and Pinterest Pins

Category: Funniest Pins on Pinterest, Holidays, Humor Published on 13 Mar, 2015
Tags: , .
Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 9.17.23 AM

I’m starting a drunken brawl today with the first person who stereotypes the Irish.

The Scarlet Letter Scandal

Category: The Scarlet Letter Society Published on 07 Mar, 2015
Tags: .
SLS2 Cover

Things are about to get a little kinkier.

20 Funniest Valentine’s Day E-cards

Category: Funniest Pins on Pinterest, Holidays, Humor Published on 13 Feb, 2015
Tags: , .
Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 2.43.10 PM

As long as you keep loving me I can keep hiding my crazy.

The Mythical Sea Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California

Category: Sea Glass Published on 02 Feb, 2015
Tags: , , .
Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 7.27.15 AM

Is collecting broken glass stealing a natural resource?


Category: Parenting Published on 27 Jan, 2015
Tags: , , .
Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 8.39.45 AM

Be a patriot. Listen to your mother.

Scarlet Letter Saturdays: My First Book Signing

Category: The Scarlet Letter Society Published on 17 Jan, 2015
Tags: .
Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 9.20.20 AM

So here’s how my first book signing went. There weren’t any books. That’s because the book comes out May 12 in print. But my friend Katie, who has been a loyal and dedicated reader since early Pajamas and Coffee days, had invited me to speak at her book club awhile back when we thought the [...]

The Disciplinunarian

Category: Random Published on 12 Jan, 2015
Tags: , , .
Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 4.11.59 PM

Slut-shaming nuns in comfortable shoes.

Growing Up in King Of Prussia

Category: Random Published on 08 Jan, 2015
Tags: , .

King of Prussia has a mall instead of a downtown, and there’s no shame in that.

Two Kinds of Hunters

Category: Sea Glass Published on 05 Jan, 2015
Tags: .

I’m not the one wearing the camo.

I’m Sherlocked

Category: Entertainment Published on 29 Dec, 2014
Tags: , .

I’ll have an order of the Eggs BENEDICT.

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