Failure and Success

There are things I am good at, and things at which I am terrible.

I’m good at updating Instagram (lol), so by all means if you want to see what I am up to, follow me there on @marytmccarthy, @whenslowtide, @thebeachbank, and @thebeachcombingcenter. Updating those four accounts and the Facebook pages that accompany them, my author page, business page, building’s page and museum page— well all of that keeps me pretty busy I guess, in addition to actually running a full time business, retail shop and nonprofit museum. Honestly I got tired even typing and putting links in that paragraph, HA!

I’m terrible at cooking. My cottage does not even have an oven, and I’m not complaining- what would I cook in it anyway? I work 80 hour weeks and the last thing I’m going to do is come home and roast a chicken. Thank god for the island country store.

I’m pretty good at.. making candles at this point I guess, because I have had a lot of practice at this point. I’m shipping up to 500 candles a month, introduced a new hidden crystal chakra candle line, more candle launches to come, and I’m excited about the growth and future of the company.

I’m terrible at organization and managing money and work/life balance– I had surgery on my elbow last week because of the aforementioned 80 hour weeks.

I’m good at sea glass identification (can’t wait for the NASGA festival in Ohio on my birthday weekend), I’m bad at diet and exercise. The list goes on and it’s making me bored so I’ll stop. Thanks for stopping by. I can’t type much my elbow is killing me. Going to watch the SuperBowl <halftime show> with my family, will probably update this in like 6 months lol. Find me on Instagram!