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Published on 07 Nov, 2012

So this weird thing happened.

It all started when Facebook started confusing us by telling us “Groups” were going to go away and everything had to be a “Page” now. I was annoyed, because I had a lot of people in my Pajamas and Coffee Group, but I was like, ok, whatevvvverrrr Facebook, and I made a Marymac/Pajamas and Coffee Page.

I announced on the “group” page that there was now a “page” page (ugh) and that I didn’t want to double post my stuff to both places. I already feel guilty about annoying people on Facebook by posting links to my writing stuff. But Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook are the three places I get most of my web traffic. I mean, why write it if no one knows to read it?

So the other day on Facebook, I noticed that the group never really went away back in January. Nothing had been posted on it, but it was still there with its “This is a dead group” message. The group had like 1850 members. The Facebook page has like 515. But I hate Facebook groups. I mean, like when someone adds me to like the “MOMS WHO ARE TOTALLY LOLZZ AND MARTINIS ROCKKK” group, I immediately “Leave Group” because the notifications drive me insane.

So I went into the group admin thing and set the group to ‘secret.’ I do not know why I did this. I thought it was funny. I thought maybe it would make the already dead group disappear. I definitely did not know it would send out a notification to all the members of the group. And something funny happened. Group members all started liking and chatting and it was kind of fun. It was nice. I was like awww, people really read Pajamas and Coffee? And it made me happy. And let’s just say I’ve had kind of a weird year and I have been kind of a wreck in my personal life, and it came at a good time to discover that someone actually reads my blog.

I have never been a number obsessor of a blogger. When I started this blog in 2008, I had like 4 readers. I know the numbers have gone up a bit over the four years, but I do not watch them very often. I always thought it was stressful to watch your numbers- like if they fluctuated, you’d get all bummed and stuff. I always see it this way: I ‘m really only writing for one reader: you. And I always, always have been very thankful for you taking time out of your day to read something here.

Also, I am heinously antisocial. Seriously, I have like massive panic/anxiety/social situation clusterfuck disorder. (Yes, that is what it’s actually called. I should get a fucking handicapped tag at Target. Seriously). One of the reasons I am not a “huge blogger” like some of the bloggers who started blogging around the same time I did is that I am horrible at “community.” When we go to blogging conferences, we are told that we are supposed to “build community.” I suck at that. I don’t even really know what the fuck that means even when I see bloggers doing it. To me, our relationship is that I write stuff, and you read it, and I love you for reading it. But even though I am not good at Twitter chatting and Google hangouts and socialesque things like that does not mean I don’t like connecting with my readers.

Back when people commented on blogs, I used to love reading comments and responding. Now, commenting is like not as big a thing anymore. People are more likely to ‘like’ something (totally fine!) on Facebook. I know there are people who read this blog who never, ever comment and I appreciate you just as much. I’m not totally Google Analytically challenged- once a month or so I take a peek to be sure someone is reading so I know to keep writing. And you are. So thank you.

Wow, I am soooo fuckkingg rambling right now. Ok, I’m going to stop.

I guess I just wanted to say thank you to the people in the now Super Secret Pajamas and Coffee Facebook Page- for being there. Of course tons of people hit the “leave group” button when notifications started back up, and I don’t blame them. In fact, if I went from 1850 people in that group down to 100, I don’t think I would mind, because I’d know that those 100 awesome people were like my core readers- the readers who “get” me. And I am a super complex, bizarre, dysfunctional, oft flat out batshit crazy kind of girl, so I am not easy to “get” a lot of the time.

But I need you here. And if you are in my super secret Facebook group? I want to say thank you. I love you. And our secret handshake is super cool. I am working on the decoder rings.




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