Welcome, Sea Glass Festival Season!

The Sea Glass Festival Season is upon us!! This is one of the delightful seasons of the year (spring and fall) where three sea glass shows happen in the next six weeks (at least for me, and hopefully at least one or two for you!) with an exciting one following in the spring as well. I am lecturing, exhibiting and/or and judging contests at the following four total shows, and I hope I will get to see you at one or more!

Here’s the list:

The Santa Barbara Sea Glass Sea Glass & Ocean Arts Festival is Saturday and Sunday, September 9 & 10, 2017 from 10-5 at the Earl Warren Showgrounds in Santa Barbara, California. I will be speaking on “Beachcombing and History at Dead Horse Bay” (Saturday from 12-1) and “Fake, Genuine and Seeded Sea Glass” (Sunday 10:30-11:30) and look forward to judging the sea glass contest along with Richard LaMotte on Sunday (ends 4 pm). Follow their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for more info. So excited to return to Santa Barbara this year- what a great show!

The North American Sea Glass Festival takes place Saturday September 23, 2017 from 10-5 & and Sunday September 24 2017 from 10-4 at the Chase Center on the Riverfront in Wilmington Delaware. The Theme is “Sea Glass Around the World.” I’ll be lecturing with Richard LaMotte on “Fake Versus Genuine Sea Glass Around the Globe” (Saturday 11:30) and also a short documentary film I worked on with my amazing daughter Faith called “Sea Glass Around the World” showing footage of folks on their beaches around the world will be shown throughout the festival. There’s also a treasure hunt for kids! I’m looking forward to judging the contest Sunday (ends 2:45 pm). Find out more info about the NASGA festival and buy advance tickets on their website or visit their Facebook or Instagram page.

The Northeast Sea Glass Expo is at the Cape Cod Resort & Conference Center on Saturday October 7 (10-5) and Sunday October 8 (10-4), 2017. Very exciting addition this year in Cape Cod is the Mermaid Cocktail Soiree Costume Contest- so who is joining me for that fun? CANNOT WAIT! (There was a Mermaid Ball in Cayucos in spring and it was a blast!!) Info is above and on their Facebook page. Sign up today! I am lecturing Saturday on “The History and Origin of Miniature Sea Glass Bottles” and Sunday on “You Glow, Girl! What is UV Sea Glass?” I’m also judging the sea glass contest there which ends Sunday afternoon. Find out more about the festival on their Facebook or Instagram pages.

The Buffalo Beach Glass & Coastal Arts Festival will be held April 14-15, 2018 at the Event Center at the Hamburg Fairgrounds and is presented by Glassing Magazine, which I am so proud to be a part of. The show is now a sister show of the fabulous Great Lakes show hosted by Relish, which I was thrilled to participate in last year. I look forward to participating in the Buffalo show! Stay tuned for more details! Visit their Facebook page to find out more.


I love sharing information, learning new things, helping people identify their sea glass finds and very best, meeting new friends and seeing friends again at sea glass shows around the country. I hope I have the chance to see you in one of these wonderful cities.

Sea you soon!

Happy hunting!


Photo by Shelley LaMotte.