5 Books You Should Totally Read

I love reading. Probably half the reason I’m a writer today (the other half: I’m an attention-starved fame and drama whore?) is my love for reading. Goodreads is one of my favorite apps (next to Instagram). I have discovered some books I think people (especially, in the first three on this list: fellow moms!) will really enjoy.

Today I’m featuring 5 books I think you should check out (er, read, unless you still do it old-school at the library- hollah!)


I am not just telling you to read this book because Tracy is my friend, and hilarious, and awesome. I am telling you to read this book because it is as hilarious as she is.¬†She is a talented writer. I dreamed of becoming the next Erma Bombeck when I was a kid, but then I used too many cusswords and now she actually lived that dream. I’m not bitter. Also we were both born in New Jersey and Jersey girls stick together, goddammit, even the time she stole my stripper heel at the blog conference (see photo above of us at a party last summer in New York). Also, in her book she tells the tale of the time she got a ticket from a cop while dropping off a kid at school in a ducky bathrobe, so she wins motherhood. Read Lost in Suburbia.


I am not just telling you to read this book because Clare is my friend and she is awesome and hilarious. Really, all my book reviews are honest and objective. Ahem. Ok, really I’m just telling you to read Clare’s book of collected blog posts because she talks about Pajamas and Coffee in it and she uses the phrase “blowing goats.” Also she is British which makes her smarter and funnier than all of us put together. Get the book on your Kindle for a ridiculously cheap $3.


I can’t tell you I am plugging this one because I am friends with the author. Ok, ok, I’m sorta friends with her editor. She sent me the book and I am glad to have discovered this gem of an essay collection by a veteran writer. I learned that you can write about motherhood without dropping the f bomb every 200 words. Who knew?! Part of the proceeds of the book go to the Children’s Hospital in Boston. Read Minivans, Meltdowns and Merlot.


And rounding out the list of five are the other two books by Gillian Flynn. I reviewed her book Gone Girl and have just finished chomping through her other two books, Dark Places and Sharp Objects. Loved them both, making it a tripple whammy of books I could not put down. She is a modern chick version of Stephen King and I just can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

Happy reading! Have a book recommendation for me? Leave it in the comments!





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