Teaching Update

Beginning this month, I’m so thrilled to be teaching at the historic and breathtaking waterfront Inn at Perry Cabin in St. Michaels, Maryland. Classes are available free of charge to guests of the inn, so if you are thinking of a getaway, I recommend checking out that link and visiting the gorgeous town of St Michaels. (It’s right on Main Street where Ophiuroidea, the gorgeous mermaid and sea-themed shop owned by my friend Kim, President of the North American Sea Glass Association is, as well as her other shop The Mill, across from my friend Jamie’s Lyon Rum Distillery – and there are so many amazing restaurants and shops I can’t even begin to tell you- St Mike’s truly is the jewel of the Chesapeake!!)  

My teaching schedule is as follows: Tuesdays 3 pm Meditative Journaling and 5 pm Beach Glass of the Chesapeake Bay and Thursdays 2 pm Healing Power of Beachcombing and 5:30 pm Introduction to Reiki.

Now listen, there is a fantastic bar and restaurant right on the water, a state of the art spa, pool, historic boats, kayaks, fitness center, bingo, trivia, you name it, including many other classes, so you can drink and stroll and relax and … I mean honestly I am honored to be a part of such a gorgeous facility and sort of had to figure out how to break it to the valet parking guys that I was going to have to park my own car because no way could I afford to tip them every time I roll up to the place and also there is WAY too much sand and sea glass all over my car for them to see the inside of it. Ha!

So anyway if you’re ever in St. Michaels, think about staying at Inn at Perry Cabin (it used to be owned by Laura Ashley and it’s where Wedding Crashers was filmed- how cool is that?!)- I would love to see you in class. You can even bring a drink to class!