Beachcombing Magazine Articles

So thrilled that after being part of the team as one of the founding Contributing Editors back when Glassing magazine began, I’ve been able to watch as it’s grown into the internationally successful Beachcombing magazine. Over time I have written a number of articles for the magazine. Here are links to some of my articles:

Goddess of the Hunt (March/April 2019)

Sprite Delight (July/August 2019)

Beach Find Succulent Container Garden (May/June 2019)

Too Good To Be True: Identifying Fake Sea Glass (Jan/Feb 2019)

The Glass Menagerie (November 2018)

Sea Marbles: Holy Grail of the Beach (November 2017)

Sea Glasspassing (September 2017)

Who Owns the Coastline? (September 2017)

Beachcombing and Ocean Conservation (July 2017)

The Thrill of the Hunt (July 2017)