Changing Tides

It’s a new year, and while I have noticed everyone seems to hate the word “resolutions” and I completely agree with them, I think we all secretly have a habit of trying to make them, whether we boldly declare diets (yuck) or quietly swear to finally organize that one awful closet near the front door.

For me, although I generally avoid the word like the plague, I have been working for awhile on a life restructuring (boy if that doesn’t sound more daunting than resolutions…) and reprioritization. It stems from my undertaking of reiki training. If you aren’t familiar with reiki, it simply means life force energy. I was drawn to it years ago on a trip I took to Ireland, and will be completing reiki master training in the next month. I look forward to joining my love for beachcombing and my reiki study in the book that I am working on now. I am hoping to have the book complete for publication in time for the fall sea glass shows. I am also working on a new beachcombing website, and the early stages of my dream to pursue a beachcombing museum.

I am attending fewer sea glass shows this year than last, taking a little break from posting to Instagram at the moment, stepping back from writing for Glassing magazine for now, and thankfully, this month for the first time, my SeaCrate company grew over several hundred customers so I was able to have a fulfillment center pack and ship the boxes and I didn’t have to assemble and ship them myself. This means that the company I founded this past spring and love doesn’t have to be a full time job anymore. The book I’d been working on had been on pause and now I can resume work on it. I can begin practicing the reiki I have been studying for several years, and plan to open a new Etsy shop with products and services so I can share my love for this energetic world as it relates so perfectly with the world of beachcombing.

I’m still very much looking forward to the beachcombing conferences and shows where I’ll be appearing and look forward to seeing friends there! Please write to me at mary with any sea glass ID or reiki or SeaCrate or other questions you might have. I love hearing from you! Wishing you all the best in 2018. I am looking forward to the journey, and my time on the beach most of all.