Mary’s Blog Update

I guess pretty much what I come here (rarely!) to do is update what’s going on in my life, so let’s do it!

1.) SeaCrate Update

I want to congratulate the new owner of SeaCrate Becky McVan and her company BMcVan Designs from right here in Maryland. Starting with the June box, Becky is choosing SeaCrate products and her company is handling customer service. I announced this transition in several SeaCrate newsletters leading up to the transition but wanted to make another announcement so folks knew the transition had taken place.

After starting the company in June 2017 and shipping exactly one year’s worth of boxes myself through May, it was time for me to return to my lifelong writing career, having taken a year off to launch the company, and working full time on it. I feel so thankful that I was able to find a new owner here on Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay, especially someone like Becky who has been a business owner for many years. Becky has already launched a fabulous new website for SeaCrate at Please check it out! SO much cool stuff for sale!! I am working on social media for SeaCrate and am so happy to remain part of the SeaCrate team and be part of its growth!

I want to thank everyone who supported my vision! I am so very grateful to you for this experience and for all the wonderful friends I have met on this journey.

2.) Sea Glass Updates

In recent months I have begun working as Co-Executive Director of The Sea Glass Center, a non profit dedicated to sea glass education. The organization had been founded awhile back and was in need of some updating and renewal, and I am pleased to be working with its founder Danielle Perreault in Maine (owner of The Deep Blue in Kennebunk). I visited Maine recently and am cataloguing the collection, an exhibit of which will appear at the North American Sea Glass Festival on October 27-28. As Education Chair, I will also be speaking there, on sea marbles. Since the show is in Wildwood where the National Marbles Tournament has been held since 1922, we have a great speaker on the history of the tournament, and I will add some info about why marbles are found on beaches. I am looking forward to both this festival, as well as speaking at the Santa Barbara Sea Glass & Ocean Arts Festival coming up soon on September 8-9 where I will also bring a small Sea Glass Center exhibit! Also very excited about going back out for some more surfing lessons JUST SAYIN’!!! My final sea glass show this year coming up is the Northeast Sea Glass Expo in Maine on Dec 1-2… although stay tuned because I might be making a surprise announcement of another appearance at one additional show, but it’s a secret right now, lol.

Reminder: I have rainbow sea glass and other reiki-infused items available for sale on my website and would love to have your support! This money is used to help with my travel expenses for my nonprofit work. I also sell loose sea glass of both craft and jewelry quality so email me marytmccarthy if you’d like a custom order of loose sea glass!

3.) Writing/Teaching

Remember I mentioned I am back to writing? Yes, that’s what I have done my whole life, and I am so thankful that after the year away (change of setting is always helpful), I am writing again. Now, after the brain backlog, I am full of writing ideas and am actually working on three separate major book writing projects- the long overdue memoir I have been working on for years, and two children’s books I am very excited about. More news on those as they develop. As mentioned in my previous post, I am teaching class (reiki, beachcombing, writing) at the Inn at Perry Cabin a few days a week. So I guess I’m a little busy! I get to the beach when I can, about once a week. And that’s about all that’s new with me.

Hope all is fabulous with you! Thanks for reading.:)