Sea Glass Festivals

Mary McCarthy

It’s about to be the most wonderful time of the year. My favorite holiday, Labor Day, means cooler temperatures, lower tides, and less tourists on the beaches– the trifecta of better beachcombing weather for the real enthusiast. Although I enjoyed going to the beach with my family, we traditionally go to a sea-glass-free beach which means I have to live the “beach blanket/umbrella” life of “sitting in a beach chair” and “reading a book” which are not activities I normally associate with the beach. I’m much more in the zone when laden with beachcombing bags, a water bottle, and my phone because I’m doing a live beachcombing feed on Instagram to share the beach fun with friends around the globe.

September also means sea glass festival season. I’m thrilled to return to Santa Barbara Sea Glass & Ocean Arts Festival on Sept 14-15, the North American Sea Glass Festival on Sunday September 29, Long Beach Island Sea Glass Festival on October 5-6 and the Santa Cruz Sea Glass & Ocean Arts Festival on November 2-3, 2019. (All I want for Christmas is a few low tides and to sleep for the month of December- ha!)

Hope to see you along the way at one of these fabulous shows!