Sea Glass Prom Week

I wish I could remember who called the North American Sea Glass Association (NASGA) Festival the “sea glass prom” recently on Instagram, but it cracked me up. And here it is, NASGA week! I’m a tad unprepared; not even sure at this point what I’m wearing to lecture on Saturday, except for one accessory that matches the theme of the Beach Marble lecture I’m excited to do with former National Marbles Tournament Champion Doug Watson. Come see me at 11:30 Saturday if you are at the festival (more info here). I will be judging the sea glass contest Sunday- but most of the weekend I’ll spend in the collectors’ room at my educational exhibit for The Sea Glass Center. I’ve had fun but it’s been some work curating the exhibit and I hope people have fun and maybe learn one thing from the display. (Who cares what I’m wearing- at least I found the pink stopper above in time for the prom, right?) 

I recently got to take part in a super cool beach cleanup up at Coney Island and wrote an article for Splice Today where I work as Senior Editor and I hope you will check out the new article here. It is my goal to do more writing again. Now that I don’t have the day to day full time work of SeaCrate anymore (I work there once a week doing social media so I’m happy to still be part of the team), I am teaching twice a week at Inn at Perry Cabin and working on several book projects and look forward to announcing soon which book will be released in time for the spring sea glass shows. I am still working to establish a permanent home for The Sea Glass Center exhibit. It would be a dream for me to establish a beachcombing museum near where the Eastern Shore Sea Glass Festival already takes place each year so that people could visit the collection, which I’d like to expand with some international donations moving into the future. One day at a time though!

After NASGA this weekend I am looking forward to attending the Santa Cruz Sea Glass Festival in California for the first time and doing sea glass identification (and a much smaller exhibit due to the difficulty of traveling cross-country with the collection), and the North East Sea Glass Expo in Maine in December. That will round out 9 shows for me this year and it’s been fabulous getting to see so many fantastic friends in the beachcombing community. My goal in 2019 is to do as many beach cleanups as I do sea glass shows, because they make me feel like I’m giving back to the hobby I love somehow (also I totally found that pink stopper after the Coney Island beach cleanup so if there’s some kind of karma thing, I am in!).