What Beachcombing is About

I found this little guy in California. He was really the only thing I found on the beach that day (besides the cool barnacle/skirt shell he’s in) and it was definitely enough. I love his expression, his hair, and his chill beachy Zen vibe. I just finished Reiki 2 training, and he’s a perfect representation of what I love about going to the beach. It’s not about the stuff we find there, it’s about just going. The sounds of the surf, the texture of the sand, the taste of the air, the refreshing, cleansing wind. We treasure our finds because they remind us of time spent in that state of bliss, of the moment we found them.

I am looking forward to incorporating the principles of Reiki, of the life force energy that I think connects so many of us (and is why we are at the beach to begin with) into my writing and daily life. I am focusing on completing the book I have been working on.  Also I’m working on some exciting new projects that will incorporate reiki energy into my future in a positive way, I look forward to sharing all of that with you. Thanks for being here for my journey.