When’s Low Tide: Shop

I’ve had the idea for a long time that it would be cool to bring together the work of artists from different places and favorite beachcombing products I’d love to share with the community- ones I am often asked about at festivals or online: “where’d you buy that?”! In traveling and working around the ocean arts community for the last near-decade, I have had the opportunity to meet so many talented individuals.

Today I am happy to introduce my new online ocean arts shop: When’s Low Tide. There was nothing else to name it really, since it’s the question that’s always first on my mind, one due to real life we don’t always have the luxury of answering, but on the best days… we do. I have enjoyed selecting items in fabulous categories- from home decor and accessories to stationery and jewelry (much more to come in that department), I am thrilled to be working with incredible businesses and am so thankful for their support!

The When’s Low Tide Shop is the official retail shop of The Beachcombing Center where I am Executive Director. A portion of the proceeds of all shop sales will be used to raise funds for the nonprofit. We raised funds through our gofundme launch campaign and I am working to find a permanent home for the museum- during the pandemic and until a permanent home can be found, the collection is in storage in a separate building here at my home, where I have been doing some educational “Museum Monday” videos on our Facebook page and working to catalog our growing collection. I’ve also been busy working on our website redesign and launch which will be happening very shortly!

Thanks so much for your support as I navigate the waters ahead in an effort to promote the artisans in my community (many more are being added to shop in coming weeks, so stay tuned!) while raising funds to make the vision of opening the beachcombing center a reality! One day when the museum opens I will have an established online retail shop so that a real-life one will be that much easier to manage. Please visit the When’s Low Tide shop and see if you can find something beachy and fun for yourself or a friend!

Click here to visit the When’s Low Tide shop: WHEN’S LOW TIDE.