Grief and the Beach

This week it has been four years since I lost my sister to suicide. I have learned to start trying to commemorating her birthday (she would have been 41 on October 28) instead of the anniversary of her death (Nov 5) because I would rather celebrate her life than keep reliving how she left the world. Either way, it’s the worst week of the year for me, and Halloween (her favorite holiday and mine) falls in the middle. (This year, so do two sea glass shows I am traveling for, which has added a level of difficulty for me).

I miss her. Today I published an article called “Your Lost Shoe.” I hope you will read it- but it is very sad. Sometimes it has to be ok for us to let us mourn our loved ones. The beach helps. That’s in the article too, and I am grateful for it, for how it’s able to remind me she’s always with me. Thanks for reading.